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August 23 2017

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Homestuck is a complex emotion

July 08 2017

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I got to meet @jeremyshada at Ctcon and I am l i v i n g. He said I was the first Haggar cosplayer he’s seen!!! 😍
#voltron #voltroncosplay #connecticon #vld #haggar (at ConnectiCon Convention)

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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July 05 2017



Okay so I have a desperate need, and somebody should totally screenshot every time Shiro does that gentle ‘just for Pidge’ smile that he does.
You know the one.

Here we go..


He’s so proud of Pidge look at him


June 22 2017

Super long Wig Buying and Styling Master Guide For All Your Cosplay Needs


Wigs can make or break a cosplay, seriously. If you’re going to invest in one expensive thing for a cosplay, let it be the wig.

Sure you can get a cheap wig from party city, but trust me, you’ll regret it. Cheap wigs are impossible to style, the skeleton shows through, and the hair falls out like crazy. When buying a wig look for a heat resistant and skin top wig. Special parts and pulled back hair calls for special wigs such as lace front and lace top.

I’ve had people ask me about using their own hair instead of a wig. I do not recommend this at all, unless your hair is just like the character’s. Anime characters are extremely stylized, and over the top. Natural hair typically does not stand out enough to look that great for cosplay. It’s also a pain to have to style your hair each time you want to cosplay, and making sure it’s the right length.

I advise getting a wig if your character has: 

  • Any unnatural colored hair. It’s a PAIN to dye your hair a super bright color and keep up with it long term, and it will usually not look as good as a wig.
  • Any spiked or weird crazy style. Natural hair is usually not full enough to make spikes work well.
  • Jet black hair. Even most people with “black hair” actually have dark brown hair. A black wig will usually look more rich
  • There are exceptions to all of these, of course! 

Real hair is usually better if your character has:

  • A natural color that is close to your own hair including: blonde, brown, and red. If you’re dirty blond but your character is platinum blond, don’t sweat it unless you’re really concerned about accuracy
  • A length that can be easily maintained. I do NOT recommend cutting your hair in a weird way for a character unless you KNOW you want that cut every single day of your life for a while
  • All of things above plus a crazy part like a zig-zag part or pig tails. Zig Zag parts or ponytails/pig tails take a LOT of work and extra money to do to a wig. 
  • A good example: I have waist length long brown hair and am cosplaying Painwheel. She has a zig zag part and a bun with a big hair loopy in the back. My hair is long enough to form the loop, and all I have to do is buy a clip-on bun and I’m set. If I wanted a wig like this, I would have to buy an EXPENSIVE full lace wig. Using my real hair is the best choice in this case

Where to buy: Note, all of the sellers I list only sell heat-resistant wigs

  • Arda wigs is my new favorite. All of the wigs are very full, and use the same, incredibly realistic fibers. Their lace fronts are absolutely fantastic. 
  • Lucaille has an AMAZING selection. They have the biggest character-specific selection I have ever seen. They all look very accurate, and are extremely cheap. They also have some nice fashion/lolita cosplay wigs. 
  • Epic Cosplay Wigs has a very large selection, and they are recommended by lots of professionals. They are very soft and good quality with minimum sheen. 
  • Insomnium wigs is great! 
  • Amphigory has a HUGE selection of wigs and extensions
  • The Five Wits has great character-specific wigs
  • ebay user Agree518’s Fashion-Cosplay-Wigs shop has a humongous selection of wigs. I have been buying from them for years, and am happy with all of the wigs I bought. However, they aren’t all made the same and some of them are much thinner and courser than others. None of them are going to be super-fantastic quality like Arda and Insomnium.
  • AnimeStuffStore on ebay has a great Cosplay wig section
  • Cosplay Wigs USA has some unique styles
  • Matchwigs are alright, but be warned: they all are VERY full and look a bit too poofy and unnatural. Good for super styled spikes. 
  • Cosplay.com Shopping I’ve heard mixed reviews about, though I’ve never bought wigs from them.
  • I Kick Shins is great for extensions and styling supplies. I bought lots of human hair wefts from them and they’re absolutely gorgeous, and cheap!
  • Petting Zoo Wigs has extentions
  • Doctored Locks has extentions
  • Milanoo gets a lot of mixed reveiws since, unlike the other sites I have listed, their wigs come from many different sellers. I would stay away from them.
  • God Save The Queen does custom wig commissions

Here is my masterpost on what wigs to buy for every single Homestuck character


- Products:

  • A Styrofoam mannequin head is essential for wig styling. They are $5 at hobby lobby.
  • Hair wax to style bangs, spikes, and to tease hair.
  • Spiking glue to style spikes
  • Many people say not to use gel in wigs. While I somewhat agree since gel will cake the fibers together and make them extremely stiff and shiny, it is necessary in some cases. I used gel to smooth down and solidify my Elsa braid. Otherwise, it kept coming out because it was so full. Gel is good to use on the end of super styled spikes to keep the fibers together. Gel is not good if you’re trying to make semi-realistic spikes. 
  • Hairspray to hold the wig’s shape. I recommend freeze spray for holding spikes and special curls
  • Wide tooth comb to comb the wig. Never use a comb for curls, use your fingers to lightly brush it
  • Rat comb is used to back-comb wigs for volume, or spikes
  • Blow dryer for styling curles
  • Never use hair straighteners or curling irons
  • Sewing shears are my personal preference for cutting wigs. Many people say not to do this because they’re so sharp, and can leave edges too perfect. I just know how to work them. It really depends on your methods of style. If you want good hair thinning shears, here are some. Don’t use the scissors you use for wig cutting on anything else, and especially not paper
  • Foam curlers work best for curling wigs


-Cutting Bangs:

-Styling Spikes:

- Curling: 




  • There is no way to lighten a wig with die if it’s too dark. The only method is leaving it out in the sun, but be careful because this is inconsistant and could create streaks, or gradients
  • Do not use colored hairspray to try to dye a wig. Don’t use colored hairspray to dye your hair as a substitute for a wig. DON’T EVER USE COLORED HAIRSPRAY
  • Use Actual wig dying ink, or FW ink (video tutorial)
  • dying with polyester fabric dye
  • dying with (very cheap) rit fabric dye
  • You can make your own wig dye
  • You can use acrylic ink (tutorial)
  • Or you can die your wig with sharpie
  • Painting designs on a wig
  • You can sometimes remove wig die, but it doesn’t always work depending on what ink you use. Put the wig in a ziplock bag filled with rubbing alcohol and squish and shake it well, then rinse. You only need to let it sit in the alcohol for a few seconds; the die should come right off. Just make sure it gets everywhere. If the die doesn’t come out completely, let the wig air dry and repeat the process
  • Wig dye does not work well on Elora fiber, but the only Elora fiber I’ve seen is the New Look line so it’s not a big worry

Special Styles:


-Lace Front Wigs: 

  • I buy all of mine from Arda wigs. They’re cheap for lace fronts and VERY good quality. Extremely thick and sturdy with very realistic fibers. 
  • IMPORTANT! You must watch this if you buy one: Putting on a lace front
  • I used spirit gum first, but it was a pain and leaves yellow scum on the wig. Very hard to clean off. I advise using lace front tape. Arda wigs supplies it, but it’s usually out of stock. You can get them very cheap on ebay. 
  • Wig ventelating (GREAT video tutorial!)
  • Wig ventelating 2
  • Arda wigs also sells ventilating needles + holder, but they are often out of stock
  • This ebay seller has cheap wig ventilating needles + holder in 4 different sizes. (They also just needles)
  • Fx Supply sells ventilating needles (holder sold separately)
  • If you’re making your own lace front, Hugo Royer and Atelier Bassi sell super fine swiss lace


-Wig wefting:

-Character Styles (some of the tutorials above are for specific characters too):

Making your own wig from scratch:


  • Putting on the wig
  • Always wear a wig cap. It prevents ichyness, and will keep your wig from sliding around. Even if you have short hair, wear it
  • Pin your wig to your hair/wig cap with bobby pins
  • If you have long hair, than use this method to pin your hair up. I use it every time, and if I don’t, my wig slides down with wear
  • wearing a lace front wig

Wig Care:


  • Only brush straight hair with a wide-tooth comb. Brush the tips first, then move up to the top of the wig
  • Do not use a comb to brush curls, use your fingers gently
  • If your curly wig has a straight top, or straight bangs, you can use a brush to comb the straight parts. 

-Washing and detangling:

-Detangling (also, see above in washing and detangling):


  • I keep my most styled wigs pinned to a few styrofoam mannequin heads, this way all my hard work is not ruined by storage.
  • You can keep wigs with minimal styling in their original plastic bags. For spiky/teased wigs, I keep them turned inside-out in the bags. This way they don’t flatten.
  • If you have a huge wig collection and no space to store them (like me), I would advise getting a shoe hanger rack :)

Note: Synthetic Vs. Human hair wigs:

  • Synthetic hair will hold its original style, even if it gets rained on or dunked in cold water
  • it is easy to take care of and maintain
  • It is significantly cheaper than human hair wigs
  • they come in a variety of colors
  • it is really difficult to tell the difference
  • It cannot be styled in the same way as human hair
  • Human Hair can by easily styled with anything
  • they can be dyed and bleached
  • they have to be re-styled much more
  • they are extremely expensive
  • available in a limited range of colors

More references:

-my FAQ (mostly for homestuck cosplay help, also a bit of bellydance)

-This is a HUGE glossary of terms and definitions all about wigs. It’s very informative, and I advise looking it over!

-cosplaytutorial: a wonderful master list of many many cosplay tutorials. 

-cosplay.com’s FAQ

-Godsavethequeen’s cosplay tutorials

-cosplayresources, a good cosplay help blog

-an SFX makeup masterpost

-a great sewing tutorial site

-my “Where to Buy Wigs For Every Single Homestuck Character“ master list

-homestuckcosplayhelp, a great blog that is my go-to when starting a new homestuck cosplay

 Whew! Glad that’s finally done. It only took me three months…

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Laurence Philomène is challenging the lack of non-binary representation by photographing her friends as their ideal selves, set against her vivid fantasy backdrops.

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“[Operatic] was one of the first words I said to the entire team at ILM. I said, ‘This movie needs to be theatrical, operatic, romantic.’ We used a lot of words not usually associated with high-tech blockbusters … We went for a very, very, very, very saturated color palette for the battle for Hong Kong. I kept asking John [Knoll] to tap into his inner Mexican and be able to saturate the greens and the purples and the pinks and the oranges.” - Guillermo del Toro

June 21 2017

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Inspired by this post  of @solkorra

p.s. Shiro is too good for such outfit. :D

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Itsy Bitsy Hems

When hemming super sheer and delicate fabrics, I am always reminded of that quote from Futurama, “When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”

I learned this technique from Vicky, one of my frequent co-workers on shows, who is honestly far too modest considering all of the amazing costumes she has made over the years. (She doesn’t really have social media etc.) I forget the exact reason it came up, but she said it was a favorite technique she would use on delicate dresses she made for Coleen Atwood films. The key is adding machine paper (Like from an adding or cash register machine) a nice roll of almost computer-paper weight paper, nothing fancy like the shiny chemical reactant kind. This method is a little time consuming, but with practice you can get amazingly clean hems that are 1/8” - 1/16 on even the most difficult of fabrics.  

For this tutorial I documented sewing the skirt of my Evelyn Cosplay, because the skirt is one continuous piece of fabric (about 5 yards) I really wanted the hem to be as clean as possible, and this technique is perfect for that. The Top two photos were Taken by Eric Anderson, or my finished costume at the Exposition Rose Gardens in Los Angeles.

Step 1 -
Lay your fabric/hem edge on a flat surface, like a big table or the floor. It is important to let the fabric sit as you want it to be hemmed. So if its bias and you want the hem stretched out/ to ripple, stretch the fabric gently. If you want it natural - lying relaxed and so on.  pin the adding machine paper under the hem, keeping the desired hem tension. On curved areas tear and angle the paper. Basically you are using the paper to “block out” the desired hem once sewn.

Step 2 -  Stitch about 1/2” from your cut edge, as shown. (I had a 1/2” Seam allowance on my pattern) Once it’s all stitched to the paper, take out your pins and go to the iron. Using the paper as an anchor, use the iron to press the fabric on the stitch line so the seam allowance folds over onto itself. You want a clean sharpe fold.   Remove the paper gently. I find it easiest to tear one side free, taking advantage of the stitch perforations. The second side will fall away much easier; any lingering little bits can be gently wiggled loose with a pin.

Step 3 -  Stitch a second line of stitching next to the first/now the folded edge. If you stitch 1/8” your finished hem will be close to 1/8”, 1/16 will be 1/16” etc. I find I get a nicer result if I *very* gently pull the fabric taunt while sewing this second line. Using very small scissors (I have a curved pair I like for this) trim off the seam allowance as close to the second line of stitching as you can. Press.

Step 4 -  Folding the hem one more time on the second stitch line (or as close as you can get it) stitch through all layers. Again, I find I get a nicer result if I *very* gently pull the fabric taunt while sewing.
Trim off your thread tails, press it again and Viola! Done.

June 09 2017

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August 1 - 31, 2017  ||  Sheith Month

The rules of Sheith month are simple. Write, draw, or create any form of content for the Sheith ship matching the prompt for each day of August. You can start now or wait until August! You can participate in all the days or just a few (or even one), it’s all up to you!

All that is required is that you remain respectful of others, tag your content as #SheithMonth2k17 (within the first five tags) and/or tag @sheithmonth somewhere on the post.

Also please remember to tag all NSFW content as such (it will also be tagged as such on this blog).

Let’s make this event a huge success! I can’t wait to see what you all create!

I will do my best to monitor any hate toward Sheith Month so that this blog/event can be a safe/discourse free place.

May 29 2017

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Debut Steampunk Zee back in 2015 at Katsucon XX ✌🌟
📸 thesparkofrevolution on tumblr
#homestuck #homestuckcosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplaylife #gamzeecosplay #gamzee #gamzeemakara #steampunk #steampunkcosplay #katsucon (at Katsucon)

May 27 2017

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Final fabric for Haggar’s robes!! (12 yards 😲) + underskirt mockup. The underskirt is basically a f***-off massive ¼ circle skirt that uses every inch of 5’ wide fabric it can get. I made it even longer by having it sit lower on my hips and adding a 4" wide waistband. The ¼ circle works best for this because I need something with minimal seams and no gathers or fullness. To get an idea of what the “tendrils” would look like, I pinned a mess-up skirt to my dress form and just hacked at the hem.
#voltron #voltroncosplay #cosplay #cosplaywip #sewing #sewingproject #haggarvoltron #cosplaylife #fabrichaul

May 26 2017

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Drafting, fitting, and fixing the pattern for Haggar’s tunic.
I started from scratch with the tunic, just drawing out a super basic shape in my sketchbook and doing far too much math before drawing it on the muslin. Then I fit it on my dress form, adding gussets on the sides where it was too tight and cutting down the back for a zipper. The darts are to make it look nice and form fitting. After 6 hours I finally had the pattern to make the final tunic!
#voltron #voltroncosplay #cosplay #cosplaywip #sewing #sewingproject #haggarvoltron

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I spiffed up this tutorial I made a while ago. And by spiffed up I mean I added the text to the pictures.

May 11 2017

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Distrito Federal, Brazil



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Email: sktaiom@gmail.com




My personal favorite LGBT memes:

  • “Harold, they’re lesbians”
  • “[Anything completely irrelevant to the LGBT community but happens to be enjoyed by many LGBT people] is gay culture”
  • “I’m not heterophobic I have a straight friend”
  • Acting like Macklemore is the savior of the LGBT community
  • Insisting the Babadook is gay
  • Posts that exaggerate how straight people write gay people (But let’s be real is it really exaggerating?)
  • “6 months on HRT” [Picture of something unrelated] “vs 4 years on HRT” [Picture of something vaguely similar but drastically different]
  • “There are only two genders” [Two pictures that are completely unrelated to gender]
  • “LGBT stands for:” [One or all the letters are changed to completely irrelevant things. Notably if one letter is changed it’s usually the T, or even the B]. (Example: “LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, uhh… Transformers…”)
  • Using football as a way to reference straight people without outright saying it, as if you’re too hesitant to say “straight/heterosexual” out loud

Honestly all of them are good but I can’t be here all day

  • “[Slight inconveniences/annoyances that everyone deals with on a daily basis] is homophobic.”
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Kitties who eat too fast get THE  PUNISHMENT  BOWL

Tags: wow this seems cruel

Sometimes cats eat so fast they puke bruh. It’s not healthy. There are a ton of people reblogging this actually happy that there’s a solution for this.

my cat does this. and honestly this might solve his problems… i.e. SLOW THE FUCK DOWN, CAT.

I’m not gonna lie, I think I need one of these for me.

Dishes like this also help with dogs who eat too fast; it significantly lowers their chances of choking or bloat.

You know, these looks all silly but… they are perfect! Is your cat annoyed? Is your cat depressed? Does your cat eat too fast and suffocated itself? Does your cat eat too much? Is your cat castrated? Do your cats fight over food?

These are all perfect for that! Your cats like to hunt and have fun with their food so it’s better to give them some “difficulties” and way to use their brains: this is why a lot of these are called “intelligent toys”, because they stimulate play and hunt.

“I don’t have money for that!” DON’T WORRY! You can create your own intelligent toy with whatever you have at home!

This is better for cats than dogs, mostly because dogs try to destroy the toy first so I won’t suggest you to use toiler paper rolls or plastic bottles!

“My cat is too old for this stuff, it would stop eating!” YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ELSE! Is your cat too old to play, buy a lot of little bowls and instead of putting its food in a single one, split the food around the house. The cat will go around, searching for its food in a easy way and having a little hunt/play that will surely make its day a little more fun!

A+ examples of cat food enrichment!

May 10 2017

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Skin tone swatches, for use as a resource. 

Spudfuzz on Deviantart made the original resource, which I modified to be a bit more realistic. She gave me permission to post this.

These swatches, like all art resources, should be used as a “jumping off point!” All colours are relative, and change with lighting conditions. As they are now, these swatches work best for adoptables, character lineups, and other art where local colour is important.


May 09 2017


My therapist suggested replacing “is there anything I can do” with “what do you need” when comforting someone as the first kind of assumes you as part of the equation in helping someone which isn’t always helpful. It also kind of pressures the person suffering to kind of come up with something FOR you to do. Like I get so frustrated with that first question as a person who gets it a lot.

The second not only takes the pressure off but also might help the person really consider what their actual needs are like hey I haven’t eaten, maybe that’s a reason I feel crappy. It kinda takes the asker out of the immediate picture so the person struggling can focus on what they actually need, and then if you CAN help, you can offer it.

We’ll see if this works better!

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Honestly Yuuri is such an inspiration, it’s either go big or go home.

May 08 2017

Inexpensive Products That Will Take Your Makeup Game to the Next Level


1.  NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk


What It Is:  NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils are creamy, super pigmented eyeshadow sticks that can be used anywhere on the eye.  "Milk" is a creamy matte bright white that is opaque and very smooth.

Why It’s Awesome:  Apply this all over your eyelid and then apply your eyeshadow over top for SUPER bright color.  White bases help your eyeshadow really pop, no matter what color.  You could also apply this to your waterline (it shows up really well and lasts a long time) to make your eyes look bigger and more awake.  Apply a small amount just under the arch of your eyebrow and blend with your finger to create the perfect matte highlight.

Splurge:  NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils cost $5 and are dupes of Stila Smudge Crayons


2.  Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner


What It Is:  Gel eyeliner is easy to apply, like a pencil, but has the same look and texture of a liquid.  Maybelline Lasting Drama is inexpensive, soft and dark, and doesn’t smudge or budge all over your eyelid.

Why It’s Awesome:  You can use gel eyeliner to create any eye look… wing it out thick or thin, add an extra wing, apply it to your waterline, or create intricate designs.  You can also blend it easily to get the perfect, easy sultry smoky eye!  Apply it as a base on your eyelid underneath dark eyeshadows to make them look extra lush.

Splurge:  Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner costs $6 and is a dupe of MAC Fluidline and Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Eyeliner


3.  ELF Makeup Mist & Set


What It Is:  Setting sprays are spritzed on your face lightly before or after makeup application.

Why It’s Awesome:  ELF Mist & Set contains skin refreshing ingredients like aloe, green tea, and vitamin C.  Apply it before your makeup to help foundation blend easier, or spray it on after you’ve applied your makeup to set it and remove any powdery or cakey texture.  Mist & Set is also a great pick-me-up throughout the day if your makeup starts to look dull.  Keep it in your fridge during hot days and use it whenever you’re feeling steamy!

Splurge:  ELF Makeup Mist & Set costs $3 and is a dupe of MAC Fix+ and Model In A Bottle Original Spray


4.  Milk of Magnesia


What It Is:  Milk of Magnesia is a liquid saline-based medical supplement that can also be used as a primer for people with oily skin.  

Why It’s Awesome:  If you have skin that gets severely greasy throughout the day, applying milk of magnesia underneath your makeup can help control oil all day.  This creates a perfectly matte finish and lasts for the whole day.  Just apply it with a cotton pad to the areas on your skin where you get shiny, and then do your usual makeup routine.  It has even helped some people with acne.

Splurge: Milk of Magnesia costs about $3 and could be a replacement for Smashbox Anti-Shine


5.  Hard Candy Baked Bronzer in Tiki


What It Is:  This baked bronzer is shimmery and easy to blend.  It can be used anywhere on the face or body.

Why It’s Awesome:  Although it looks a bit dark in this picture, Tiki actually is a very light golden color that makes the perfect highlight for any skin tone.  It blends flawlessly onto the skin and isn’t glittery or sparkly… it just catches light effortlessly and gives your whole face a flattering glow.  Use it on your cheekbones, browbones, forehead, cupids bow, chin and the bridge of your nose to get the perfect highlight.

Splurge:  Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer costs $9 and is a dupe of MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle


6.  Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent


What It Is:  This pressed powder helps control shine without looking powdery.  It gives a gorgeous satin matte finish that flatters your skin.  The translucent shade is colorless and works for most skin tones.

Why It’s Awesome:  Pressed powder isn’t specifically for your oily nose - you can use it for so many things.  Apply a bit with a concealer brush over your lipstick to help it last longer and give it a sexy matte finish; use it to set your concealer; gently pat it over your filled-in brows to keep the color in place.  

Splurge:  Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder costs $4 and is a dupe of Laura Mercier Pressed Powder and Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder


7.  Wet n Wild Color Icon Lip Pencils


What It Is:  An inexpensive pencil that provides a smudgeproof matte finish

Why It’s Awesome:  Lip liner is SO not old school!  Lip liner is normally used to create a perfect clean line on your lips and to keep your lipstick from feathering, but it has many uses.  Apply it all over your lips as a base to create perfect, long lasting lips; use a contrasting color on the outer corners and blend it in with lipstick  to partake in the super trendy ombre lip look.  Using a slightly darker shade of liner around the outer part of your lips will make your lips look more full and plump.

Splurge:  Wet n Wild Color Icon Lip Liner costs $1 and is a dupe of Illamasqua Medium Pencils


8.  Monistat Soothing Care Powder Gel


What It Is:  Monistat Gel is a silicone-based skin product that can be used as a makeup primer.

Why It’s Awesome:  Much cheaper and more available than most primers, this can be used all over your face or on your T-Zone to create a smoother surface for makeup to adhere to.  Because it’s silicone based, it will fill in fine lines and enlarged pores, smooth over dry skin patches and help your foundation give you more coverage.  It dries to a powdery finish so it won’t make you greasy or shiny.  It also contains fewer useless ingredients, fragrances and dyes than most makeup primers!

Splurge:  Monistat Soothing Care Powder Gel costs $5 and could be used in place of Benefit PoreFessional


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